36th International Conference and NDT Technique Exposition

Defektoskopie 2006

Tábor - Czech Republic , 7.-9.11.2006

AquaChemie Defekta Foma GE Panametria Papco Preditest Qualitest

Accommodation details

In the following text you will find the list of participants' accommodation of the conference Defektoskopie 2006.

We are sorry for delay in publishing the accommodation infromation. This delay was caused by the effort of the organising comittee to ensure the apropriate accommodation even for those colleages, who sent their entry forms today.

The accommodation is ensured in Legner hotel Palcát (www.legner.cz), hotel Kapitál (www.hotel-kapital.cz) and hotel MAS (www.hotelmas.cz) in Sezimovo Ústí.

Further information about accommodation can be obtained from Mrs. Kratochvílová: phone.+420 604 247 437

Brno 31.10.2006

Organising comittee

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