The conference sessions were adjusted with respect to the raised interest in the 11th ECNDT Conference and number of contributions we received to different topics. Also, the European Research Day which will include the presentation of the Nobel Prize holder, prof. P. Higgs, extended the Conference.

01. NDT General
02. Training, Certification, Education, Accreditation, Standardization
03. Signal and image processing in NDT/NDE
04. Modeling and Simulations in NDT
05. Transducers and Sensors
06. Ultrasonic Testing / TOF (UT)
07. Guided / Lamb waves (UT)
08. Phased Array (UT)
09. Acoustic Emission
10. Visual / Optical (VT) and Penetrant (PT) and Leak Testing (LT)
11. Infrared Testing, Thermography, Thermal NDT
12. Eddy Current and Electromagnetic Testing
13. Magnetic Testing
14. Magnetoresistance Methods (MR) and Magnetic Sensors
15. Radiology and Radiographic Testing, Radiation Protection
16. Computed Tomography
17. Terahertz Waves Testing
18. Structural Health and Vibration Monitoring
19. NDT Methods Based on Nonlinear and Time Reversal Techniques
20. Novel and Non-traditional NDT Techniques and Applications
21. Material Characterization - Metals
22. Material Characterization - Composites
23. Material Characterization - Polymers, Wood and Ceramics
24. Structural Health Monitoring, Condition Monitoring and Maintenance
25. Process Monitoring and Control
26. NDT in Pressure Equipment, Pipelines and Welding
27. NDT in Transportation (automotive, marine,..)
28. NDT in Aerospace
29. In-service Inspection (offshores, chemical / petrochemical industry)
30. NDT in Power Generation
31. NDT in Civil Engineering and Concrete Structures
32. NDT in Conservation, Restoration, Heritage, Art and Architecture

Special Sessions
33. Public Security and Safety and Noninvasive Methods in Medicine and Biology
34. NDT in Railways
35. Wave Modelling in Solids (mini-symposium)
36. SIMPOSIUM (FP7 project - simulations in NDT)
37. Academia NDT&ICNDT: "European Research Day"

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